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Reyhan Çelikbilek

Visual Brand Designer

Hello, I'm Reyhan!

I design visual identities that reflect the story and purpose of brands, and I ensure that this brand identity is reflected in the most impressive way online and offline.

To date, I have given brand consultancy to more than 10 brands' stories in accordance with the brand identity. I worked as a brand designer to reflect the story of the brands I work with both on the spirit of the place and on social media.

It is my greatest passion to serve people with excitement to realize their dreams through the brands they have created!


What am I doing?

With my broad perspective, I examine the ways that are most beneficial for people to realize their passions. I am creating that brand story and identity that will be a whole for you among many options.

I admit that every birth is a bit stressful, but I prefer to turn this process into exciting memories that we enjoy the most. I built my consultancy process on sharing the excitement we experience while producing and discovering something together, and turning it into an experience where we take courage and faith from each other, and as a result, seeing the result of people making their dreams come true.

I want brands to feel secure when working with me, and to have the courage to pursue what they believe in with enthusiasm. I want more people who realize themselves and make their stories visible, make love, not work.

When I decided to embark on this journey, I knew that I started that job where my experiences that gave me happiness were combined, and I knew that I would make love, not work, and this was my biggest motivation. That's why no one asks, "How can it be?" I continue with the wish that she will not continue with her fear, but realize her dreams full of meaning.  If you too;

  • You have an idea that has your own story sprouted from your own dreams, maybe it has come true, maybe you are waiting for the day it will come true, but if you don't know how to start.

  • You have started to do the job you always thought you would do and if you are waiting for the right moment to be visible and tell your story.

  • If you're happy with your work, yes you have clients, you're doing well, but if you think you can tell your own story fully.

There are a few things I want to tell you..

  • That voice inside you has told you a lot. You have heard voices that encourage and encourage you, and voices that stop you and make you question your beliefs, wishes and needs.

  • If you have a plan waiting to come true, you want to do that job you dream of, and even if you have done that and taken that step, but you can't quite see where you are right now, listen to your story.

  • During this consultancy process, where curiosity will be our greatest motivation, we will be curious and examine our passions, selves, goals and dreams. We are lucky that human beings never stop dreaming, so your successful dreams will never end.

I will be with you every step of the way until we reveal our thoughts and become visible.

When that painting you have dreamed of comes true, we will have succeeded!


How am I doing?

Throughout my brand consultancy service, I make you visible as strong brands that tell their story with a clear message, with coaching methods, brand management strategies, visual design and brand experiences, while enabling you to strategically progress in your journey to become strong entrepreneurs who realize yourself and your dreams.

In today's world, the online content we prepare is very valuable, but it is much more valuable to be brands that have a clear goal to make them more effective and powerful, and that know and promote themselves well.

If we are brands that reveal their goals and dreams with their unique value proposition and differences;

  • We grow in a strategic and planned way.

  • People connect with the work we do and we establish long-term cooperation.

  • We are uniquely positioned among our competitors in our work area.


The visual brand design process consists of 3 steps.

This 12-week process, each of which consists of 4 weeks, progresses with a co-active study.

In the 4th week of the process, where we will examine the stage every 3 weeks, we make an evaluation of the steps we have taken until that day.

1)  Brand Discovery

Every brand has an authentic identity. Here our brand is "If you were a person, who would it be?" Brand Discovery is the first step of our journey that we will advance with the help of strong questions.

2) Brand Attitude

Brands leave an impact with their every behavior. The more authentic and unique these behaviors are, the more sincere and solid bonds we establish. First impression is important, but maintaining it is even more important.

3) Brand Experience

What makes our brand story sustainable is continuing to tell that story. If we can recognize iconic brands from a color, a sound or a word today, it is because they reflect the story of those brands in all areas.

You can find detailed information about this process, in which I consulted you at all stages, in the 'Our Services' section below.

Our Services


You can subscribe to my website to receive your Visual Brand Design Guide gift!



Marko Rodovica, Central Point, Podgorica/MONTENEGRO

TR - 05309126477

ME - +382 68 626 469

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