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Below are the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What is Brand Consulting on Visual Brand Design? How is the process going?

Visual Brand Design is a brand consultancy model where we professionally and strategically embody, design and visualize stories and ideas with purpose and meaning that emerge from your dreams and passions.

During my brand consultancy process, I go into the kitchen with you and do a brand identity work and storytelling that has a meaning and purpose in line with your and your brand's values.


This process, which starts with Brand Discovery, is based on creating all the details that a brand can tell its story. It continues with the Brand Attitude process, in which we designed the appearance it reflects in online and offline channels, and the Brand Experience process, in which we analyze the feelings that our brand wants to live, the collaboration process, and 360-degree positioning.


2. What does the Brand Discovery - Brand Attitude - Brand Experience process cover? What is their connection with each other? And how do they work separately from each other?

Every brand has a unique, authentic identity, and in the Brand Discovery step, we write its story by uncovering our brand's unique value propositions, differences and strengths. During Brand Discovery, we first discover your values and unique aspects so that your brand belongs entirely to you. In the Brand Attitude step, we move on to the process of creating an identity suitable for our emerging story. We ensure that our brand behaves and appears as a whole in all channels with the logo & communication language & communication strategies we have determined.

We find answers to the questions of how we feel in this world we have created in the last stage and how we want our target audience to feel, and we plan Brand Experience projects for them.


Here, what you need and what stage you are at is very important. In addition, if we have a brand that is already operational but we cannot tell its story and we cannot create its identity, or if we have an identity but cannot establish the bond we want with customers, taking advantage of other steps will be an option.

With the free discovery calls where we talk about your wishes and needs, we can talk about exactly where you are and what we can do.


3. How is Visual Brand Design different from other brand consultancy services?

In the Visual Brand Design model, unlike other agency processes, we enter the kitchen of the business together. Since each brand story is unique and belongs to you, I wanted it to be a model that we enjoyed and excited to produce together.


You will learn how you can make your own brand stronger and make it sustainable thanks to my brand consultancy service that progresses with weekly 1-1 meetings and co-active working method.

4. What is the importance of “entering the kitchen of the business together” in brand consultancy?

A moment when you are away from the stressful feelings of the beginnings of your newly started journey, where you do not leave yourself and your brand to uncertainty and that dream world in someone else's mind, instead, you have both the comfort of working with an expert and the feeling of belonging to progress, where you have control over every process and that voice coming from your heart. I want it to stay.


At the end of Visual Brand Design, which is a process where we draw that picture consisting entirely of your fingerprints, you will be an entrepreneur who has mastered the values, story, differences and benefits of the brand. At the same time, when you look at it that completely reflects you, this brand came out of your hands and you will have a brand whose voice you can hear.


5. Why should you work with me?

When I decided to embark on this journey, I knew that I started that job where my experiences that gave me happiness were combined, and I knew that I would make love, not work, and this was my biggest motivation. That's why no one asks, "How can it be?" I continue with the wish that she will not continue with her fear, but realize her dreams full of meaning. If you do this process with us, you will experience the excitement of the beginnings, and your self-confidence and self-confidence will be higher.


I want entrepreneurial brands to feel secure when working with me, and to have the courage to pursue what they believe in with enthusiasm. I want more people who realize themselves and make their stories visible, make love, not work.


With my broad perspective, I examine the ways that are most beneficial for people to realize their passions. I am creating that brand story and identity that will be a whole for you among many options.

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